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Free: Shenzhen Fringe Festival Is Back

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November 19, 2019 @ 8:00 pm 8:50 pm Array

“May the Chinese youth get rid of the cold, pay no attention to those who abandon themselves and just walk forward and upward. Do what you can and make a sound. When there is heat, then give out the light, like the firefly that could glow in the dark and no need to wait for the torch light any more. Even if there is no torch light in the future: I will be the only light.” Luxun wrote this encouraging sentence in Hot Wind in 1919 and it is still practical today after 100 years.
In 1947, a group of artists, called themselves Fringe, broke a new path in Edinburgh. They bravely competed with the official art festival committee and shared their own stories with the audiences. Since then the public’s enthusiasm and awareness of art has spread to more than 200 cities in 70 countries. Edinburgh Festival Fringe has become one of the largest art festivals in the world.
Since Shenzhen Fringe Festival has been set up in 2010, “Art Everyone, Stage Everywhere” has always been our pursuit and faith. During this decade, Shenzhen Fringe Festival is rather endeavor to culture rebuilding than researching the urban culture. Shenzhen Fringe try to arise citizen’s public awareness of the society via art and try to make a difference in reforming their behavior and value orientation.
The initiation of Shenzhen Fringe Festival is to explore the emerging artists and diverse art forms. Fringe is not a traditional festival that will follow the curatorial concept. It is a platform that more people could join in and express their artistic ideas and share their performance with the public. A group of people together could always create more value than we work alone. In Fringe, artists, creative communities, social groups, etc. could all join together to find out more possibilities of art. Shenzhen Fringe keeps the spirit of adventure and keeps trying those things the other festival may ignore.
2019 is the 10th year of Shenzhen Fringe Festival. Passion is always the most fascinating and appealing character of Fringe, which continuously attracts people to become part of it. This year, Fringe still keep this kind of strong emotion.
Glowing Fringe, Glowing for Ten Years!
Each Fringer is a fire with dazzling light. Hope this powerful light can shine and inspire us for moving forward and keep fringing!

 11.13 / 20:00 – 21:30 

‘Goes to The Movies’ Concert

Is music important in movies and images? If there is no music, have these movies and images existed? Sometimes the “music” in the image is just a sound clip, which is often ignored. “Goes to The Movies ” is a plan composed of four “masters” from the UK, Poland and China in their respective fields, which are composed of images, music, improvisation, and framework. Christopher Chaplin is the son of the drama master Chaplin, who grew up in the art family. His music has a lot of images and interlaced with classical texts. Rafal Masur is the pioneer and versatile of the impromptu music circle in Poland. Milosh Luczynski has the power of incredible immersive visual art creation. Dickson Dee has always been the action and spirit of the festival.

11.14 / 20:00 – 21:30 

‘Flowing Poetry’ Concert

A still and a piece of music may cause you to be interested in a movie. German pianist and composer Ulrike Haage and electronic musician Christian Meyer have a rich experience in film and radio drama. Their collaboration album “Stills”, named from the still photography in the film industry. May be there is a certain piece of music behind the stills. German cross-border artist Alfred Harth is active in theatre, video creation, and collaboration with many different bands. His list of collaborations includes directors and contemporary musicians, including Heiner Goebbels, Lindsay Cooper, Sally Potter, Paul Bley, Phil Minton and many more.

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11.18(Mon) / 20:00 — 21:30

shenzhen/ nanshan culture and sports center


Wang Lei & Yile “Absented Memories” Live Concert

On the concert, Wang Lei & Yile would present a myriad of talented musicians to the audience, including famous fonder of Shenzhen Renzhen Music Studio Xu Jian; Robin Luo, drummer of the new generation in Shenzhen; famous trumpet player Joe Lu and vocal artist Zhu Juan.

Wang Lei & Yile would also bring their past album with various types of music, including world fusion album “Hymns for Earth”, world beat single “An Ancient Tune of Shanha” and electric-fusion album “Summer Palace”. These poem-like pieces would take the audiences to a journey that mingles with nature, metropolis and history, with a specific perspective of west-meet-east, Wang Lei & Yile guarantee a splendid visual-audio experience at their live concert.

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Wang Lei & Yile ‘Absented Memories’Sharin

11.14(Wed) / 19:30 — 21:00

kubrik/broadway cinematheque shenzhen,BC+

At the Fringe Talk, Wang Lei & Yile will perform the quiet music that rarely appears on the large-scale scene in the unplugged mode. In the immersive atmosphere, Wang Lei & Yile will let the audiences enter their inner world in all directions and explore the story behind the music.

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11.19(Tues) / 20:00 — 20:50

shenzhen/ nanshan culture and sports center

《忒修斯之船》Ship of Theseus

The work discusses a philosophical issue: Is the Ship Theseus still the original one after thousand times of repairment? If not, when will it become a totally different ship? The director expresses his thoughts through his new dancing theatre that compared the Theseus Ship to each person, andhope every one could live in the contemporary era with traditional blood.

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11.20(Wed) / 20:00-20:55

shenzhen/ nanshan culture and sports center

《寻山记》Tale Of Seeking The Mountain

Tale of Seeking the Mountain is adapted from ”A Taoist From Lao Mountain”, Volume One of “Strange”. Sheng Wu was fascinated with the book The Tales of Immortals and was determined to be an immortal. Regardless of his mother’s dissuasion, he set out from Dana Mountain, via Hengshan Mountain and finally got to Laoshan Mountain, in order to learn invisibility from his master. When he got home, his mother had gone. He begged his master to have his mother back, but they could not be together any more. Sheng Wu was willing to go back to the past and start everything over again, but the magic in the mountain and the adventures in the world were just a fantasy.It has won the “Excellent Performance Award” and “Best Performance Award” in the 18th Golden Hedgehog University Students’ Drama Festival; the “Excellent Non-Professional Drama” and “College Students Drama Unit – the Most Innovative Drama Award” in the 6th Youth Non-Professional Drama Festival. The students will also perform in the 21st China Shanghai International Arts Festival. 

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11.21(Thur) / 20:00 — 21:00

shenzhen/ nanshan culture and sports center

《弦风二重奏》String & Wind Duet

Meng Zhang is currently a member of both the Creation Committee of the Chinese National Orchestra Association and the National Orchestra Association of Shanghai Association. He is a young musician who plays/composes/produces music, spanning the experimental avant-garde, rock, jazz, electronics, world music and so on. Xing Li affected by acid rock, progressive rock and free jazz, pulls away in the creation of different environmental sound language shape and form their own music vocabulary. The two artists began improvising on ethnic wind, percussion and electroacoustic instruments in 2010. They accomplished an impromptu recording of a composition entitled “Rì Zè” in 2018. The work starts to escape from the characteristics of the instrumental music and starts to talk in a more objective and rational way. At the same time, new thinking of composing emerges, which is the sound aesthetics that String & Wind Duet wants to explore.

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11.18(Mon) / 20:00 — 21:10

nanshan experimental theatre


Sheng Bai Theatre, a young and independent theatre brand, was founded by Xianglin Zhong, Mili Liao, Yexuan Li and Mingmei Zhou in Guangzhou. With the spirit of diversity, experiment and improvisation, SBT focuses on the exploration of the content of theatrical art and the form of theater, and carries out different drama activities and workshops, including drama creation, education and reading plays. Hello, Sir is a warm story about love and growth, telling the experiences of the intern encountering different old stationmaster. The intern is growing, while the stationmaster he met is gradually getting older…

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11.16(Sat)  / 14:30-16:00


Kubrik/broadway cinematheque shenzhen,BC+

《On the Fringe》 —- Documentary of Fringe Festival in Canada Screening and Post-reflection

On the Fringeis adocumentary about Fringe Festivals in Canada, shooting8 artists, 6 works, and 10 cities across Canada where the Fringe Festivals take place. Shenzhen Fringe Festival will share this documentary with the audience in Shenzhen. At the same time,Wailap Kuang, one of Shenzhen Fringe Festival’s consultants,will share the stories behind art administration.

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No need to book a ticket, you can go directly to the Shenzhen Bay Street

11.16(Sat) – 11.23(Sat)  / 14:00 – 21:00


Sheng Xi Folk Orchestra

ShengXi Chinese Orchestra belongs to the Art Troupe of Shenzhen University. It is composed of a group of college students who love playing Chinese traditional musical instruments. This time ShengXi Chinese Orchestra will bring you the beautiful music which is played by Yangqin, Guzheng, Pipa, Flute, Xiao, Erhu, Paigu.The first song, the Fantasia of twelve hours in Chang’an, leads us through that time of war and chaos, feeling the beauty of ancient Chang’an in the ups and downs of music. When you appreciate the second song Summer Sun, you can feel the vitality of hot summer. Then the third song Forest Rhapsody bring you to a virgin forest where birds and insects are humming harmoniously. Enjoying peace of the inner heart by escaping to this forest.  Let’s appreciate the unique charm of traditional Chinese musical instruments through magnificent symphonies and solos.

Close-Act 剧团  

Close-Act Theatre

They are presumed to be extinct, nonetheless the biggest beasts that ever walked the earth return to the twentyfirst century. People jump swiftly out of their way having never seen such giant beasts before. There is a widespread sigh of relief as the Saurus start eating plants. Ah vegetarians! Now people risk moving closer to view these prehistoric beasts better; the Saurus are playful and spontaneous, snapping at hands and sweeping their tails. After a while they move on, lined up neatly, behind them a stunned audience stands and watches in amazement as the beasts slowly disappear.

莎伦·贡博什 & 梅塔尔·杰利内克

Kibbutz Galuyot Ensemble 

Kibbutz Galuyot Ensemble was established in 2014 by Sharon Gombosh and Meytal Jelin. The unique work approach of the creators is based on academic research work of the burning issues in society. The eyes fall in love, play and draw themselves together with the audience. A pair of large eyes create a new dismantled entity as depicted in Picasso’s drawings. Both eye figures in the piece want to be an individual. As in relationships, only together they create the “whole”.The show evolved from the “Picasso 2019”first prize winner at the 10th International Rehovot for Living Statues Festival.


Theater Jelicious

Adding fairytales to the world is what Jelicious loves, so every now and then they like to put on their stilts to create fairytales that are larger than life. By daylight the SpikkelSzzz are an explosion of colours and shimmers. As audience you cannot miss these joyous colourful bugs on stilts: they will capture your attention with their happy laugther and their festive colours. When the moon shines, these fireflies transform to fabulous lights that you can see dancing in the forest at night. Both adults and children are in love with these beautiful ladies. 


Signe Marie

Signe Marie is an artist from Copenhagen. She will share Golden Fairy and Space Lacy with Shenzhen Audiences in Fringe. Golden Fairty is intimate and enchanting for everyone, specially for the children. Her mission is to create simple and sweet connections to the happiness and magic of life that exists all around us. Spacy Lacy is a curious and happy alien from a planet far away. She collects good vibes and all kinds of signal and rebroadcast to everyone.


The Mystical Aerial Nymphs

The Mystical Aerial Nyphms are arriving at Shenzhen Fringe Festival, bringing nature, dance and flying fun to the audience. Forces of Nature is a magical journey explored through aerial and dance with elements of audience interaction and Inclusion, workshopped by a team of passionate performers based in Macau under the Artistic Direction of Melinda Davis, representing the Pole Fitness and Aerial Acrobatic Sports Association of Macao.


Macao ARTFusion

Macao ARTFusion is a group of Performing Arts and young Artists. They are dedicated to provide education and instruction in the Performing Arts using a relaxed, fun and playful way. This year, they bring their new work LESS TALK, MORE ART! to Shenzhen. It is a site-specific performance, insipiring from Pop art. The idea is to bring people together through art. The performers will dance along and grab attention to the people passing by. In the end, they invite all the audience to decorate the  huge white canvas and mannequins with color stickers, thus to create a vivid art world together.



Wetland is an art group based in Guangzhou, focusing on the issues about the southern weather and geographic concepts, through dance theatre, live performance art, video production and cross-media theatre. Wetland will participate in the festival for the first time to show a novel and creative environmental dance Dream of Frog, which is under the influence of Schlemmer‘s three-act ballet. 


Juan M. Gomez

Juan, a street acrobat comedian from Argentina, started his career as an acrobat at a traffic light in 2000, began busking across South America in 2002 and settled in Germany 10 years ago. Juan has been learning and exploring the essence of street theatre for more than 10 years. His unique understanding and presentation of street art has given him the opportunity to be invited to perform in 35 countries on four continents and to be well known on the international street theatre scene. Juan’s performances often involve improvisation, and the silent show transcends the language age barrier and brings endless joy to audiences around the world. This program have been performed in 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


World Music Night

Hanpan is a very mythtical instrument that the voice is gentle and mysterious. Handpan lovers and artists all over the world has always tried new ways of playing handpan in order to find out more possibilities of it. In World Music Night, handpan artists will share different styles of handpan music with Fringe audience hoping to light up the night of Fringe.

11.22(Fri)  / 20:00 – 21:30

11.23(Sat)  / 14:30 – 16:00


Bill Aitchison is a well-known theatre and performance artist. He works in and between performance, writing, video and audio, and collaborates with theatre, sound and visual artists. For more than 20 years, he has been performing solo and original cooperation, and in France, the United States, Germany and more than a dozen countries performing arts. His work has been supported by Arts Council England and The British Council and produced internationally with partners in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Australia, China and radio. In his programme VINYL he delves deep into the collection, talking about the tracks and about what the music means to him, about the memories theses evoke and the decakes that have brought us to where we now are.


November 19
2:00 pm – 8:30 pm
8:00 pm – 8:50 pm
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Nanshan Culture and Sports Center Theatre

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