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2019 Shenzhen TOEwine Expo International

October 10, 2019 @ 9:00 am October 12, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

— Discover TOEwine —

TOEwine was born from a belief in the Taste of Excellence.

TOE is an abbreviation for Taste of Excellence, which represents our commitment to seeking exception and spreading the idea of extraordinary taste. But TOEwine is more. Wanting to bring both tradition and excellence into one vintage, TOEwine represents excellence, but also brings us back to the tradition of wine cultivation. Traditionally, the winemaking process began with the crushing of grapes, usually with feet, and finished with a glass of wine tasting of excellence. Our commitment is the same. We base our ideas on tradition, but wish to cultivate that tradition with our own knowledge, bringing us towards our very own Taste of Excellence. 

We wish to be a bridge, linking excellent global suppliers with quality buyers.
We wish to become a trend-leader, bringing fresh trends and innovative wine styles to consumers in China.
We wish to be a stage, upon which people can innovate and bring their excellence in wine into the limelight.

Welcome to 2019 Shenzhen TOEwine Expo International!

Shenzhen witnessed great success with the 1st. edition of TOEwine Expo in 2018, receiving high praise from exhibitors and visitors. Around 200 quality exhibitors, carefully selected by TOEwine,  participated in the show. We aimed to invite exhibitors from famous wine regions or with unique wine styles, and producers or importers who attach importance to the quality of their products.

TOEwine received 10 062 visitors during its 3-day show, covering importers/distributors, wholesalers, hypermarkets, the premium catering industry and high-end consumers from corporations and premium clubs.

In order to set up a clear and professional wine exhibition brand image, TOEwine adopted a full-channel promotion strategy during 2018, teaming up with more than 30 media groups and 8 types of media channels to release advertisement. 

The feedback from exhibitors showed their satisfaction with TOEwine 2018:
82% of interviewees were satisfied (or very satisfied) with the quality of visitors, and 95% confirmed their plans to participate again in 2019.

TOE is an abbreviation of “Taste of Excellence”, which represents our commitment to seeking excellence and spreading the idea of extraordinary taste. The “Taste of Excellence” has always been our mission, which will guide us in the organization of future editions. We welcome exhibitors from the world seeking this same goal to participate in TOEwine 2019. In this year’s addition, you will have even more opportunities to access new contacts and reliable long-term partnerships!

Discovering Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a beautiful and developed city with eight harbors in Southern China. Based on a mature nationwide transportation system, Shenzhen is well connected with the Chinese mainland as well as global major cities through international airports in Shenzhen or its bordering metropolis, Hong Kong.

Shenzhen is also a huge market for wine importation and consumption in China. In terms of supply channels, there are over 3,000 wine companies based in Shenzhen. Wine imports, in terms of value, is the highest in the country, and has been during the past two years. The market accepts higher-price and higher-quality wines compared to the rest of its counterpart cities. In addition, Shenzhen’s customs sets a higher threshold for low-price OEM wines, creating a favourable environment for wine-trading.

In terms of demand, Shenzhen is a hub for wine transactions and leads the trend in wine consumption nationwide. According to statistics from China Securities Regulatory Commission, there are 267 listed companies 

Visitor pre-registration. Now, please pay attention to TOEwine2019!

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

FuHua 3 Rd, Futian District,Shenzhen 深圳市福田中心区福华三路88号深圳会展中心
Shenzhen, China
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