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Exquisite Style for Mid-Autumn 喜月之飨 传统之道

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September 24, 2020 September 25, 2020

Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan Present Delicate Mooncakes.


Full moon were reunited, it is the time of reunion.  A “circle” is not only a perfect pattern, but also the simplest philosophy of the Chinese wisdom.  In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, from 18 July to 1 October, 2020, Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan integrate the traditional charm of Confucian culture to Mid-Autumn Festival, presenting two elegant and unique Sheraton mooncake gift box, “Ren” and “Li”, as excellent gift for friends, relatives and business associates.

Inspired by The Analects of Confucius, Sheraton mooncake gift box is the delicate fusion of traditional Chinese culture and modern design concept. The “Peacock Blue” is the underpainting, with the golden calligraphy “Ren” and “Li” are on the “bamboo slip”, where the ancient sages write down their ideas and thoughts. While opening the lid, the excerpt collection of The Analects of Confucius on the oiled lining paper is emerging into your sight. It seems like a literature which is handed down by generations and giving the gift box a connotation of culture. The “Ren” gift box contains with four pieces of mooncake, including three different classic tastes which is White Lotus Seed Paste with Two Egg Yolks Mooncake, Ham with Nuts Mooncake and Red Bean Paste Mooncake. The smooth white lotus paste served with egg yolk to create a passion of salty and sweet flavor; the Ham with Nuts Mooncake is rich in ingredients and well providing a texture with multiple layers. The price of “Ren” mooncake gift box is RMB298/Box; the “Li” gift box includes 6 small and exquisite mooncakes. In addition to the classic flavors, White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Mooncake, Ham with Nuts Mooncake and Red Bean Paste Mooncake, there are also three special collection tastes mooncakes which is Egg Yolk Lava Mooncake, Bird’s Nest Paste Mooncake and Purple Sweet Potato with Cheese Mooncake. The Egg Yolk Lava Mooncake is soft, sweet and smooth; with one bite of the Bird’s Nest Paste Mooncake, a breath of fresh sweetness would impress you ; the Purple Sweet Potato with Cheese Mooncake is the new style refreshment and favored by modern youngsters. The price of “Li” mooncake gift box is only RMB238/Box. For more information, please call 0755 8139 7856.


礼盒包装灵感来源于《论语》,糅合中国传统文化与现代设计理念,以“孔雀蓝”为底色,金色的行书“仁”和“礼”跃然于凹凸的“竹简”之上。打开盒盖,半透明的牛油衬纸上是《论语》的摘录,仿若这映入眼帘的更似一本凝结圣人智慧的传世著作,赋予了礼盒以厚重的文化内涵。“仁”月礼盒内含4枚, 3种口味经典的月饼:传统双黄白莲蓉、金腿伍仁和红豆沙。口感细滑的白莲蓉配上甘香蛋黄,醇厚油润,咸甜适口; 金腿五仁月饼用料考究,层次丰富,别具风味; 喜爱经典之味则不可错过红豆沙月饼,每盒售价298元;“礼”月礼盒囊括6枚小巧精致的月饼,除了经典的蛋黄白莲蓉、金腿五仁和红豆沙外,更精选了雪媚娘流心奶黄、雪媚娘燕窝软心及紫薯芝士三种口味:雪媚娘流心奶黄月饼皮薄松软,香甜幼滑;雪媚娘燕窝软心月饼,一口咬下,便尽是绵融心间的幸福滋味;紫薯芝士月饼融合芝士的醇厚和紫薯的清甜,令人百啖不厌,每盒仅售238元。

精美可口的喜来登月饼加之时尚大气的礼盒礼袋,还可私人定制月饼礼篮,为您馈赠之礼增添尊贵气息。8月25日前购买可享早鸟价额外九五折优惠,大量订购更可享低至五折优惠,预订电话:(0755) 8139 7856。

Exquisite Sheraton Mooncakes with stylish gift box basket also can be customized.  You can enjoy a 5% discount on early bird price before 25 August, and you can enjoy up to 50% off on bulk orders.

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Shenzhen, China

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