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Live Preview |1/30 Jazzman: Cao Liu Quartet

January 30, 2021 @ 9:30 pm 11:30 pm

Jazz is like a conversation




JAZZMAN: CAO LIU Quartet 1/30


E.Taylor. Atkins once said in his book ‘Blues Nippon’: “The emergence of Bebop, completely changed the history of the music in Japan. For audience with more music knowledge, Bebop is more like an art form of music, it changed the teen culture at that time. This new form of sound quickly replaced disco, and started fashionable coffee shops and gatherings after work,”

Traditional Jazz Is just repeating same rhythm timelessly, this does not fit what Yoko Kanno hoped for, when soloing, only focus on a performer but ignoring others does not fit his ideal either. Improvising and casual, fast tempo and complicated rhythms need to be through of the Jazz live all along no matter what happens, it happens. Every musician is freely expressing one’s self, and started improvising, real Jazz is more like a conversation. Isolated, but public, have sentiments of funk and soul, all these emotions profiled jazz nicely.




Note: Please notify us with your booking and reserve seats asap. We will allocate your seats based on when the tickets are purchased since we only have a limited number of seats, so you may have to sit with someone else. Tickets are separate from the drinks and we require a minimum spending of 200 RMB pp including the ticket. Please read through both of our notes before your purchase, thank you for your patience


Pre-sale Ticket RMB 100 (Before the day of the event)

Live Ticket/At-the-door RMB 120 (On the day of the event)




Bag’s groove

But not for me


Tea For Two


I Fall in Love Too Easily

Blue Moon

Broken Wing

Moon Love

Almost Like Being in Love

Days Of Wine And Roses

Bye Bye Blackbird


How High the Moon

Thank You, Come Again



JAZZMAN: Cao Liu Quartet


Trumpet – Cao Liu 曹留

Graduated at Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2013. Studied in Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music from 2017, taught by Thomas mayade和Jean-Paul Estievenart studying jazz trumpet performance, with Kurt Bude study jazz theory.


2012.8—2013.6 Xinghai Conservatory of music Contemporary Jazz Big Band.

2013.1- current Weidu Jazz Big Band

2015.1- current Zhuhai Jin Jueshi Big Band

2018.9—2019.5 Brussels ULB University Jazz Band



Keyboard – 傅帝

Graduated from Leeds Music Academy in 2011, enrolled into Birmingham Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Performance with scholarship in the same year. Played Rzewski, Messiaen, Schnittke, Boulez,Weinberg and Legiti etc. Graduated with Master’s degree in 2019 from Birmingham Royal Conservatory of Music. Because of his hope for more freedom in piano, he also studies jazz piano performance while he was studying classical. Taught by Marion Raper, Marisa David, Nicholas Nowicki, Mark Bebbington (Classical), Angela Mostyn, Robert Markham, Jonathan French (Ensemble), and John Turvile (Jazz Piano)



BASS -Ryn雷恩

Studies French Horn and Classical music since 9 years of age. Chaired the French horn department in the Yucai Sympohny Orchestra, as well as the Dunshan Brass Orchestra. Studies Electronic Bass performance and Jazz in Beijing Contemporary Academy of Music. Taught by many famous bass players such as Jiaolan Jiesuer, Tangge, Jeffrey Gilma etc.

Studied Jazz Theory and Jazz performance, lead the ‘Childish Food’ band which was then invited to the first ‘Silk Road’ international music festivals and performed with Jian Cui and Tangchao on the same stage.


Drums – 钟俊锐

Studied Jazz drums from 2004, went to Beijing to study Contemporary music after Junior High School; in 2012, he started exploring and studying Jazz, assembled the band ‘New+Note’ after met with Kam (Jinru Wu) in 2014 and started learning Jazz performance. Came back to Shenzhen in 2018 for the education of Jazz and continue his development.





  1. Please respect the musician and the venue
  1. Show starts at 21:30, lasts around 120 minutes, with a 15-minute intermission; available to enter from 20:00, please arrive at the venue half an hour before the show and will be greeted by our colleague at the door; we will save your seats until 22:30
  1. Tickets do not include drinks; we do require a minimum purchase of 200 RMB pp including the tickets (we have a great selection of wine, cocktails, and all kinds of alcohol available for your own pleasure as well as food! We kindly ask you not to bring any other drinks or food inside the venue)
  1. Please turn your phone off when the show starts or turn it to mute or flight mode.
  1. Please turn off your flashlight when taking a photo
  1. Tickets cannot be refunded except for certain circumstances
  1. If you cannot make it due to uncontrollable factors and wish to transfer the tickets to your friends of family members, please contact us asap



January 30
9:30 pm – 11:30 pm
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Shenzhen, Shenzhen China
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