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Live Preview |1/8 & 1.9 Sir Steve and Rhythm Party

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January 8, 2021 @ 9:30 pm 11:30 pm

Stevie Wonder: I never thought of being blind and black as a disadvantage!

1/8 & 1/9


2021/01/08 Tribute To Stevie WONDER

       2021/01/09 Rhythm Party



Sir Stevie: Tribute to you 2021/01/08


He never thinks that he is a soul artist or a R&B artist himself, he had already mastered every single element in African American Pop music during his twenties and combined them into his own musical language. His mastery of the new generation of electronical keyboards brought him the representation and spirits of a rock star. His singing always reminds people of those highflying greats in Jazz, his sentiments in music and honesty came from what he had been immersed in ever since he joined the church when he was young.


Stevie Wonder thinks that, no matter soul, or R&B, it is only a nametag. When you are unsettled, your music is dark, but when you are happy it may be bright. Just like people categorise many things, their lives, their relationships, their drinks, or even their love. Categorisations always are what limit people, more so in the music world. On January the 8th, in the evening, let us all enjoy the limitless music created by Sir Steve.



Rhythm Party 2021/01/09

Music is like a river; it branches and branches out ever so often. We try to set up dams, but they often fail. The origin of Blues is full of desire, in WWII, it surpassed the limits of race, and reached the north far, far away from the south, to get to Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles. When it reached those industrial cities, where it is full of horning and machine, the deepened voice of blues then disappears, it then increased Saxophone, Drums, and piano. The evening on the 9th, Jazz Pentagon will take us onto this music train, fly through its rhythm changes.




Note: Please notify us with your booking and reserve seats asap. We will allocate your seats based on when the tickets are purchased since we only have a limited number of seats, so you may have to sit with someone else. Tickets are separate from the drinks and we require a minimum spending of 200 RMB pp including the ticket.

Pre-sale Ticket RMB 100 (Before the day of the event)

Live Ticket/At-the-door RMB 120 (On the day of the event





SAX – Iven周鑫雨

Started learning Sax by the age of 8. By 2016, he was enrolled into the Xinghai Music Academy Contemporary music department and start study Sax performance with the famous Canton musician Zhenhai Yu and studied jazz theory with French musician Benoit Stasiaczyk.

In 2013, went to Australia with Xi’an Yucai Highschool’s conductors for the China-Australia Sax Camp, and invited by Sax player Yi Yang to the Woodwind instruments departments in Melbourne University and performed a recital in Sydney School of Music.

In 2014, enrolled in Shanghai Music Academy’s international jazz sax camp, studied with Professor Xiaolu Zhang of Shanghai Music Academy and Jazz trumpet player Xiaochuan Li.



SAX – Gin傅雨晨

Graduated in 2019 from Aaron Copland School of Music,Queens College-CUNY, taught by Grammy awarded sax player: Antonio Hart, studied jazz performance and educated by many famous jazz players such as Dennis Mackrel, Jeb Patton, Michael P Mossman, David Berkman, Paul Bollenback etc.

He attended the SATCHMO Award Gala (Louis Armstrong Education Foundation, Jazz Education and achievement award), and numerous performances at  Italian Cultural Center, Flushing Town Hall, Cleopatra’s Needle Jazz Club.


GUITAR – Sam王棋琛

Current student in Xinghai Music Academy Contemporary music and theatre and jazz guitar department, was graded second place in the whole of Guangdong Province when enrolled.

Taught Electronic guitar performance by guitarist Sining Qiu, now with famous jazz guitarist Jian Cai learning the jazz guitar theory.

Assembled the band ‘Soundlife’ and organised numerous performances and concerts in Guangdong and attended multiple music festivals ‘Beiguang’ and ‘Potu’.

In 2014, participated and recorded EP album ‘Yeti Shiguang’ and invited by the Chinese Skateboarding Union to perform.

In 2016, with his band, performing regularly in Guangzhou and compose guitar and many other instruments for musicians locally and started doing guitar education, and music production.


Bass – 邵轩

Enrolled into the JinZhong Conservatory of Music studying Popular Instrumental Performances in 2016. Now the bassist for TPS jazz band.


Drums – 张峻豪

Xinghai Academy of Contemporary Music and Theatre, studying Jazz drums. Started learning classical percussion instruments. Taught by Xiao Qingping of Liaoning Philharmonic Orchestra, Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra and Guangxi Philharmonic Orchestra, all chaired in the percussion department.

Taught by French professor, Benoit Stasiaczyk; Erik Larrea; Franz Von Chossy; Deng Yameng and Yang Jianing with chamber music.




  1. Please respect the musician and the venue
  1. Show starts at 21:30, lasts around 120 minutes, with a 15-minute intermission; available to enter from 20:00, please arrive at the venue half an hour before the show and will be greeted by our colleague at the door; we will save your seats until 22:30
  1. Tickets do not include drinks; we do require a minimum purchase of 200 RMB pp including the tickets (we have a great selection of wine, cocktails, and all kinds of alcohol available for your own pleasure as well as food! We kindly ask you not to bring any other drinks or food inside the venue)
  1. Please turn your phone off when the show starts or turn it to mute or flight mode.
  1. Please turn off your flashlight when taking a photo
  1. Tickets cannot be refunded except for certain circumstances
  1. If you cannot make it due to uncontrollable factors and wish to transfer the tickets to your friends of family members, please contact us asap


January 8
9:30 pm – 11:30 pm
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