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Live Preview |10/16.17 ‘JAZZ PENTAGON’ Edge of Jazz – Freedom of Latin Fusion

October 16, 2020 @ 9:30 pm October 17, 2020 @ 11:30 pm

10/16 & 10/17





Night of Latin Jazz 10/16

Latin jazz is the special kind of traditional jazz but combined with the rhythms of Latin America and then formed into some of the dances like samba or mambo. And most famously, Bossa Nova, being the product of samba and jazz. Bossa Nova is terribly soft and lyrical, though also carries the rhythms of jazz and the demeanor of swing. Many fans refuse to admit that it is part of the Jazz genre but that’s what make it so wonderful.


The most contributed musician into Bossa Nova is Stan Getz, he was playing in Benny Goodman’s Jazz big band, into the fifties, he was famously collaborating and performing with other jazz musicians in the west coast; ever since then, Bossa Nova became more and more known and accepted.


Rhythm Party of the Weekend 10/17

Ever since Swing, Bebop, Cool, Hard Bop then until Free Jazz, the road of jazz revolution transformed from dance music that are accepted widely to what is much more complex in structure, and focus heavily in improvisation and became more and more complicated and academic.

Therefore, jazz from what used to be the ‘popular’ music to the type that less and less people enjoy. Meanwhile, in the sixties, rock music is taking the world by storm, attracting millions of music listeners. The Newport Jazz Festival that were regularly held on Rhode Island in 1969, unprecedently invited rock bands that includes Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin and Sly & the Family Stone.

Ever since then, rock became one of the mainstream music genres and some clever jazz musicians had decided to fuse the feature of rock into jazz and then made ‘Fusion’ jazz.



Within the years of history in jazz, more and more composition, creativity, and different attempts are more and more misunderstood by fans and musicians. Many music commentators and critics even excluded the likes of fusion jazz outside of the genre of jazz. Nonetheless, fusion makes jazz full of life and much more energetic.



SAX – Iven周鑫雨

Started learning Sax by the age of 8. By 2016, he was enrolled into the Xinghai Music Academy Contemporary music department and start study Sax performance with the famous Canton musician Zhenhai Yu and studied jazz theory with French musician Benoit Stasiaczyk.

In 2013, went to Australia with Xi’an Yucai Highschool’s conductors for the China-Australia Sax Camp, and invited by Sax player Yi Yang to the Woodwind instruments departments in Melbourne University and performed a recital in Sydney School of Music.

In 2014, enrolled in Shanghai Music Academy’s international jazz sax camp, studied with Professor Xiaolu Zhang of Shanghai Music Academy and Jazz trumpet player Xiaochuan Li.



SAX – Gin傅雨晨

Graduated in 2019 from Aaron Copland School of Music,Queens College-CUNY, taught by Grammy awarded sax player: Antonio Hart, studied jazz performance and educated by many famous jazz players such as Dennis Mackrel, Jeb Patton, Michael P Mossman, David Berkman, Paul Bollenback etc.

He attended the SATCHMO Award Gala (Louis Armstrong Education Foundation, Jazz Education and achievement award), and numerous performances at  Italian Cultural Center, Flushing Town Hall, Cleopatra’s Needle Jazz Club.



GUITAR – Sam王棋琛

Current student in Xinghai Music Academy Contemporary music and theatre and jazz guitar department, was graded second place in the whole of Guangdong Province when enrolled.

Taught Electronic guitar performance by guitarist Sining Qiu, now with famous jazz guitarist Jian Cai learning the jazz guitar theory.

Assembled the band ‘Soundlife’ and organised numerous performances and concerts in Guangdong and attended multiple music festivals ‘Beiguang’ and ‘Potu’.

In 2014, participated and recorded EP album ‘Yeti Shiguang’ and invited by the Chinese Skateboarding Union to perform.

In 2016, with his band, performing regularly in Guangzhou and compose guitar and many other instruments for musicians locally and started doing guitar education, and music production.


BASS – QinNe Zhou周其恩

In 2016, he enrolled in Xinghai Music Academy Contemporary Music Jazz Performance department, and Jazz Bass major. He was taught by famous guitarist Bastian Hildner; music producer, bassist Dian Yu, Xiaosi Yu; French musician Benoir Stasiaczyk; germen musician Franz Von Chossy learning jazz theory and bass performance.

First place in Xinghai Music Academy’s first Original Tune’s competition.

Currently performing regularly in Guangzhou, in music production, and within Xinghai Music Academy.




DRUMS -Phillip李鸿飞

Started learning drums in 2007, educated by Jazz drummer Hui Liu.

In 2017, second place in Guangdong Province’s Arts National College Entrance Examination.

In 2018, participated in the TCOAS International Jazz drum competition and achieved first place in Shenzhen regional youth’s group.

He obtains unique jazz drumming opinions and rhythms with his own experience, has his own unique playstyle in jazz drums. He tries all kinds of style in jazz and in drum performance, plays many drastically different music styles and has offers completely different music experience.


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October 16 @ 9:30 pm
October 17 @ 11:30 pm
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