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Live Preview |12/12 CoffeeBeer Jazz Big Band ‘Modern Times’

December 12 @ 9:00 pm 10:30 pm

Jazz Big Band had a very eventful half of the century, good or bad

Yet it still made the audience fall for them just like the Swing





CoffeeBeer Jazz Big Band is conducted and lead by Wang Xubo, made up of 13 young Jazz musicians. Performing with the passionate nature of the modern times with many of their original works, every performance become filled with passion and livelihood.


Although the golden era for the big band is at the 30s, but it did originate from the decade before. When the main jazz bands leaders at the time turned to lead smaller bands, the size and their musical ideals are growing much greater. In the roaring 20s, with the rapid development of the niche records industry, musicians were attracted to big cities. After Wall Street had crushed in 1929, big bands were impacted massively by the concession, even the dances in discos were bored of the difficult jazz dances. Everything seemed to enter a depressed era, yet with concession coming to an end and hope refills, people began to live again. The big band era is now starting officially, the climax of the Swing era happened between 1935-1940 which is also called the ‘Modern Times’, many leaders of Jazz big bands had huge successes during this time.


The Big Band phenomenon is continuously bringing jazz into different kinds of new venues, and to operate a big band is not just difficult but also a hard and tough test for the leader of the band. In the last half of the century, big bands experienced many hardships but has always attracted many audiences. With newer generations and generations kept reliving the masters’ works, many contemporary big band tunes that were adapted are incredibly surprising. And to express the diversity of jazz, Roots House decides to try out the indoor jazz big band, it surely will be an unbelievable experience and holds countless surprises and hope.




Note: Please notify us with your booking and reserve seats asap. We will allocate your seats based on when the tickets are purchased since we only have a limited number of seats, so you may have to sit with someone else. Tickets are separate from the drinks and we require a minimum spending of 300 RMB pp including the ticket.


Pre-sale Ticket RMB 160

Live Ticket/At-the-door RMB 180



CoffeeBeer Jazz Big Band

Conductor: 王旭波 Wang Xubo

Bassist, free-lance author, bass teacher in Music and Dance School of Shenzhen University and Xinghai Music Academy popular music department. Host in FM105.7 “Jazz Crafts”


Woodwind Department

杨逸淘 Yang Yitao, 梁志达 Liang Zhida, 王张越Wang Zhangyue, 林子桃 Lin Zitao,

许唐豪 Xu Tanhao, 刘涛鸣 Liu Taoming, 杨雲涛Yang Yuntao;

岑婉华Cen Wanhua, 杨靖敏Yang Jingming, 黄炬凯Huang Jukai


Bass, Rhythm & Key

Key: 杨家兴 Yang Jiaxing

Bass: 陈方飚 Chen Fangbian

Drum: 黄炳嘉 Huang Bingjia







  1. Please respect the musician and the venue
  1. Show starts at 21:00, lasts around 90minutes, with no intermission; available to enter from 20:00, please arrive at the venue half an hour before the show and will be greeted by our colleague at the door; we will save your seats until 21:30
  1. Tickets do not include drinks; we do require a minimum purchase of 300 RMB pp including the tickets (we have a great selection of wine, cocktails, and all kinds of alcohol available for your own pleasure as well as food! We kindly ask you not to bring any other drinks or food inside the venue)
  1. Please turn your phone off when the show starts or turn it to mute or flight mode.
  1. Please turn off your flashlight when taking a photo
  1. Tickets cannot be refunded except for certain circumstances
  2. If you cannot make it due to uncontrollable factors and wish to transfer the tickets to your friends of family members, please contact us asap
Shenzhen Nanshan District OCT-Loft Building E3 101C
Shenzhen, Shenzhen China
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