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Live Preview |12/19 Tribute to Duke Ellington, Forever

December 19 @ 9:30 pm 11:30 pm

If Jazz Means Anything, It Is Freedom

Tribute To Duke Ellington



Tribute To Duke Ellington 12/19

In the history of jazz, no one can express themselves as free as him; no one can have more diversity complexity as him; no one is more ‘swing’ than him. He is Duke Ellington. He led his band through the up and downs of jazz in America for half a century and proven finally the only instrument is the band itself. Every single one of his pieces is improvised countless times in countless stages to showcase the ability to maintain the balance of the music from each of his band members.

He thinks that though music is made by composers but born with the touch of the musicians. Every member should keep a high emotional involvement to whatever music they are playing. Duke Ellington always ignores the concept of genres, he very strictly refuses any presumptions of his music. The best compliment to himself is the fact that his presented artist as a being that is beyond any genres.

Looking back on Duke Ellington’s life, he made great impact to the development of Classical, Pop and Jazz music in the 20th Century. Although the social cultural background made many inconveniences for musicians alike, but his talent made him survive and thrive to the top and his toughness towards any obstacles, made some incredible legacy,

That time had brought us some of the best genres of music, is the epitome of the glorious product of human artistic values. We are now still reminiscent and imitating as well as improvising based on it. In the evening of 12/19, local jazz band ‘B·T·L Band’ will present to us some of the great works of Duke Ellington.



Note: Please notify us with your booking and reserve seats asap. We will allocate your seats based on when the tickets are purchased since we only have a limited number of seats, so you may have to sit with someone else. Tickets are separate from the drinks and we require a minimum spending of 200 RMB pp including the ticket.

Pre-sale Ticket RMB 100 (Before the day of the event)

Live Ticket/At-the-door RMB 120 (On the day of the event


B·T·L Band

Saxophone – 杨逸淘

Because of the love of rhythm, started to learn jazz drum. Later started learning saxophone and got in touch with jazz and became extremely interested in jazz. Then influenced by Gao Taixing, Chen Jiajun, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz etc. to be going to learn from the saxophonist from the ‘Five Chieftains’ Peng ZhongChao.


Guitar – 叶夏阳

Majored in Pop Instrument Performance in ‘Jinzhong Conservatory of Music’ of Shenzhen University. Because of his passion in rock, he decided to learn guitar, born with the attitude of rock & roll. But because of the influence of Jazz, he decided to put himself into the jazz guitar, and became a semi-professional guitarist. Liked to innovate in some of the traditional elements and creating a complete different sense of ‘Traditional’ jazz.



Keyboard – 温博超

Shenzhen University Jazz Band T.P.S Keyboard player

Graduated in 2016 from Jazz Piano major from Shenzhen University Arts department, taught by Li Lin

In House keyboard player at Penny Black in 2018, invited to the new year gala at Shenzhen Southern Technology University in 2019.

Performed at Roots House frequently.



Bass – 黄志业

Enrolled into the Pop Instrument Performance major in the ‘Jinzhong Conservatory of Music’ of Shenzhen University, taught by Jazz Bassist Wang Xubo.



Drums – Phillip李鸿飞

Started learning drums in 2007, educated by Jazz drummer Hui Liu.

In 2017, second place in Guangdong Province’s Arts National College Entrance Examination.

In 2018, participated in the TCOAS International Jazz drum competition and achieved first place in Shenzhen regional youth’s group.

He obtains unique jazz drumming opinions and rhythms with his own experience, has his own unique playstyle in jazz drums. He tries all kinds of style in jazz and in drum performance, plays many drastically different music styles and has offers completely different music experience.





  1. Please respect the musician and the venue
  2. Show starts at 21:30, lasts around 120 minutes, with a 15-minute intermission; available to enter from 20:00, please arrive at the venue half an hour before the show and will be greeted by our colleague at the door; we will save your seats until 22:30
  3. Tickets do not include drinks; we do require a minimum purchase of 200 RMB pp including the tickets (we have a great selection of wine, cocktails, and all kinds of alcohol available for your own pleasure as well as food! We kindly ask you not to bring any other drinks or food inside the venue)
  4. Please turn your phone off when the show starts or turn it to mute or flight mode.
  5. Please turn off your flashlight when taking a photo
  6. Tickets cannot be refunded except for certain circumstances
  7. If you cannot make it due to uncontrollable factors and wish to transfer the tickets to your friends of family members, please contact us asap


December 19, 2020
9:30 pm – 11:30 pm
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Contect our wechat: 15302618010
Shenzhen Nanshan District OCT-Loft Building E3 101C
Shenzhen, Shenzhen China
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