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St. Regis Shenzhen Offers Multiple Cloud Stay

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November 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am 11:30 pm

Create an extraordinary gathering experience for parents, couples, and friends.

Shenzhen Regis inheritance founder raj brand Astor iv family tradition philosophy and purpose, a new multiple housing courtesy, the clouds will be delicate, like a sense of ritual and symbolic butler service experience are rooted in 400 meters above the illicit close space, the parents, lovers, friends meet at above the clouds, creating a special experience.

• The St. Regis Family Traditional meal — Family time
The St. Regis Shenzhen is equipped with personalized facilities and customized children’s themed rooms to welcome young guests. The hotel has also designed “Children’s fun food box” for family guests, allowing parents and children to bake cupcakes together, bringing them an immersive experience with extraordinary intelligence, enhancing the bond between parents and children, and making them enjoy the precious and unforgettable summer holiday. In addition, st. Regis Shenzhen offers unique family activities and the “St. Regis Family Reception · Travel Childhood” experience program to help young guests develop good reading habits during a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

The price of st. Regis family traditional set meal starts from RMB 1866, you can enjoy one night in the deluxe city view room, including the family buffet breakfast in the show Restaurant on the 95th floor the next day (including 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old), and enjoy the cloud infinity pool. Enjoy children’s fun food box in the room to experience the fun of DIY cupcakes, customize book singles to create “Reading Childhood” reading experience for children, and add exclusive facilities such as children’s tent, Wooden horse, bear dolls, fun blocks, children’s bathing suit, and bathrobe; During the stay, you will be entitled to an additional rmb300 for food and beverage consumption in the hotel and 24-hour St. Regis butler service (including packing, beverage service and pressing service). And enjoy 1000 yuan to upgrade to the exclusive privilege of charming suites, the official website and hotel WeChat mall can be booked.

• Cloud Reunion Package — friends get together
The St. Regis Shenzhen features a consistent view, classic afternoon tea, and a lunch buffet that incorporates global cuisine, allowing you to meet your friends in the city, away from the hustle and bustle of pedestrians, and create a stylish scene in an elegant cloud room.
Cloud reunion meal price from 1866 yuan, can enjoy the night luxurious city view room occupancy containing 95 layers show restaurant buffet breakfast the next day, while the other USES double afternoon tea or enjoy a room show restaurant buffet lunchtime, Regis hotel Shenzhen signature cocktail “salt” Mary two cups, all-weather Regis butler service (including packing and beverage service and valet services, etc.), the official website and the hotel WeChat mall can be booked.

• Romantic Celebration Package — Romantic tour
Love hand in hand onto the cloud were celebrating the elegant and delicate every minute – custom welcome sparkling wine opened a prelude to romance, iconic butler service allows you to easily worry-free, arbitrary enjoy and love of time, additional food consumption quota experience and the imbedded in the custom, the setting sun, in the beautiful scenery before the clouds to enjoy tailored rose bath ceremony, with extraordinary experience as the night gives different delicate.
Romantic celebration package price from 1981 yuan, can enjoy luxurious city view room for one night stay in containing 94 layers show restaurant buffet breakfast the next day, customized welcome a bottle of sparkling wine, custom romantic ceremony, during the stay in the other 500 yuan hotel food and beverage consumption quota, 24-hour butler service (including packing, beverage service and valet services, etc.), the official website and the hotel WeChat mall can be booked.
Shenzhen Regis inheriting classic and is committed to continuous innovation, the Regis hotel Shenzhen will experience iconic cleverly integrated into new housing courtesy, hope the guests with cherished in above the clouds through the special ceremony to close together become deeper, let elegant delicate experience the mutual coupling, exclusive of each other’s good memories.




瑞吉家庭传统套餐 – 亲子时光

深圳瑞吉酒店配备有个性化设施与定制儿童主题房间,热情欢迎各位小宾客入住。酒店还为家庭宾客设计了”童趣食盒”,让父母与孩子一起动手烘培杯子蛋糕,带来智趣非凡的沉浸体验,增进亲子间的联结,令其乐享珍贵难忘的暑期时光。此外,深圳瑞吉酒店提供独具特色的家庭活动与 “瑞吉家庭礼遇·阅行童年” 体验项目,帮助小宾客在轻松愉悦的旅途中培养良好阅读习惯。

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 瑞吉家庭传统套餐1-1024x682.jpg

瑞吉家庭传统套餐价格由人民币1866元起,可享一晚豪华城景房入住含次日95层秀餐厅家庭自助早餐(含2名成人及2名12岁以下儿童),畅享云端无边际泳池;房内享童趣食盒体验亲手DIY杯子蛋糕的乐趣,定制书单打造“阅行童年”儿童阅读体验,并增设儿童帐篷、木马、小熊玩偶、智趣积木、儿童沐浴套装及浴袍等专属设施;入住期间另享300元酒店内餐饮消费额度,全天候瑞吉管家服务(含行李打包、饮料服务及熨烫服务等) 。并享受加1000元升级至魅力套房的专属优惠,官方网站及酒店微信商城均可预订。

云端重聚套餐 – 好友欢聚


云端重聚套餐价格由人民币1866元起,可享一晚豪华城景房入住含次日95层秀餐厅双人自助早餐,入住期间另享房间内使用双人下午茶或秀餐厅双人自助午餐一次,深圳瑞吉酒店招牌鸡尾酒“盐玛丽”两杯,全天候瑞吉管家服务(含行李打包、饮料服务及熨烫服务等) ,官方网站及酒店微信商城均可预订。

浪漫庆典套餐 – 浪漫之旅

携手挚爱跃上云端恣意庆祝优雅精致的每分每秒 —— 定制欢迎气泡酒开启浪漫前奏,标志性管家服务让你轻松无忧,恣意乐享与挚爱的专属二人时光,额外餐饮消费额度体验定制珍馐美馔,夕阳西下,于云端绝美景致前享受量身订制的玫瑰沐浴仪式,以非凡体验为夜晚赋予与众不同的精致。

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 浪漫庆典套餐1-1024x683.jpg


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