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Stones From Other Mountains 2020 International Outstanding Printmaking Artists’ Works Exhibition

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July 15, 2020 @ 10:00 am 5:00 pm

The multiple ecology and diversity of world cultures provide rich textual references for the development of contemporary Chinese printmaking. After more than a year of preparation, China Printmaking Museum specially invites 130 works of 65 artists from 30 countries and holds “Stones from Other Mountains — 2020 International Outstanding Printmaking Artists’ Works Exhibition”at the time when the Museum reopened. The exhibition intends to introduce the “stones from other mountains, i.e., “success examples” of international printmaking community for our references, research and studying, and promote the collision and fusion of techniques and concepts, and at the same time helps extend our blessings to artists from various countries under the influence of the epidemic.

Noise and Silence 嘈杂与寂静
Andreas Amrhein 安德烈亚斯·阿姆海因
Intaglio 凹版丨Germany 德国丨57×79cm丨2018

“Stones from Other Mountains — 2020 International Outstanding Printmaking Artists’ Works Exhibition”, with its inclusiveness and high taste, has kept the international printmaking community continue to focus on Guanlan. According to the academic orientation of the exhibition theme, invitations are mainly sent to three types of artists: 1. Famous contemporary foreign printmakers, leading figures of certain printmaking schools and representative artists of printmaking institutions. 2. International jury members of previous Guanlan International Print Biennials. 3. International artists who have won major international printmaking awards. As an important academic exhibition of the China Printmaking Museum, the “Stones of Other Mountains” exhibition not only invites many prestigious leaders in the international printmaking circles, but also invites young artists who have been selected and won awards for many times in the international professional printmaking exhibitions. Invited artists directly submitted their works to us, so that the contemporary prints of all countries can be presented here, and the experimentalism and avant-garde expressions can be fully displayed, ensuring the inclusiveness and academic taste of this exhibition. In addition, under different rules and academic orientations, the exhibition complements the Guanlan International Print Biennial by providing an exhibition opportunity for part of the international artists, so that new forces and new art forms have more possibilities to be seen during the biennial selections.

Traces, A Tranquil Pleasure 痕迹,一种恬静的愉悦
Jungwoo Hong 洪祯佑
Intaglio 凹版丨South Korea 韩国丨15×90cm丨2008

Civilizations are colorful due to communications and exchanges are rich due to mutual learning. The opening of “Stones from Other Mountains — 2020 International Outstanding Printmaking Artists’ Works Exhibition” at China Printmaking Museum is a concrete measure for us to promote the international cultural exchanges and mutual learning via printmaking. Today, the epidemic in the world is still spreading. It is especially commendable that the masterpieces of prints from various countries are displayed in the China Printmaking Museum. The best wishes of artists for the whole world are gathered along with the presentation and communication of the beauty of works, and meanwhile the artists also feel greatly encouraged by the beliefs and blessings sent from China.

Zhao Jiachun
Director of Office of International Exchange and Collection
China Printmaking Museum

Turquoise Flower & Butterfly 青绿色的花和蝴蝶
Iris Xilas Xanalatos 艾瑞斯·锡拉斯·沙纳拉托斯
IScreen Print 网版丨Greece 希腊丨46×52cm丨2018

开放时间 | Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (周二闭馆 Closed on Tuesday)

展览日期 | Exhibition Dates: 2020.05.25-2020.07.25

展览地点 | Exhibition Place: Exhibition Hall 3, China Printmaking Museum 中国版画博物馆3号展厅

主办单位 | Organizer: China Printmaking Museum China Printmaking Museum

承办单位丨ConductorChina Guanlan Original Printmaking Base 中国·观澜版画原创产业基地

Reservations are required in advance, please Follow WeChat account “GL_PRINTS” and then follow its menu to book in advance.

Metro: Line 4 to Qinghu Station (清湖站), Exit A1 and then take a taxi


July 15
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Exhibition Hall 2, China Printmaking Museum, Longhua District 深圳龙华区中国版画博物馆2号展厅
Shenzhen, China
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